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Kate Cruz Flores

Production Director

Kate began playing the piano at the age of seven in southwestern Connecticut. Upon moving south to Baltimore to study at Johns Hopkins University, she sustained a solo piano practice schedule; meanwhile, she continued her piano studies with lessons both at her childhood home in Connecticut, and at the Peabody Conservatory (via the piano minor for Johns Hopkins students). Since her graduation from college with a degree in neuroscience (and a minor in classics and a Homewood Arts Certificate in dance), Kate has continued her solo piano practice schedule to maintain her repertoire. She also has used her piano expertise in church music ministry, in ensemble performances, and as an accompanist.

Kate's other great love is dance! She has danced ballet even longer than she has played the piano, and she still spends time regularly at the barre and en pointe, plus dancing ballroom, Argentine tango, salsa, and swing.

Kate also is both the pianist and webmaster for the Tykovat Trio: www.tykovat.com.

Symphony Number One is Baltimore's Newes Chamber Orchestra, devoted to substantial works by emerging composers.