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Quarterly Survey

See below form for more information about the form.


Please select either the optional 15 seconds question, the optional 60 seconds question, or both. (Please do not omit both.)

Estimated completion time: 5-8 minutes


This is a quick survey to help the Board prepare for the upcoming quarterly meeting. Each quarterly report will feature not just the views of the leadership but the democratic wishes of the orchestra.

For this quarter, we are working on tightening up both our mission, and our understanding of our mission. This form will help you communicate both what you believe our mission to be and what you want our mission to be. We will use your input to craft an improved mission statement that better articulates our aspirations and better aids all of us in making decisions based upon what best serves that mission. 

The survey asks for your name, and then  two parts, review questions and feedback questions.


The review question is an opportunity to review some of the most critical details of the organization. If you're not sure, feel free to ask your team thread or the on-boarding thread! Cheating is encouraged! 


The primary purpose of the overall survey is to solicit your feedback in order to help us build an organization that reflects its members, not management. We need all of our voices heard!



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Feel free to add any additional thoughts or ideas that you would like the Board to consider at our upcoming meeting. What are you seeing artistically, administratively, or in development, operations, outreach, production, marketing, etc. that you like, or that you want to see improvement? Please try to pair areas for improvement with at least one or two proposed solutions, even if it's only a really basic preliminary sketch.
Symphony Number One is Baltimore's Newes Chamber Orchestra, devoted to substantial works by emerging composers.