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Symphony Number One seeks individuals to fill the following creative director openings. Candidates who successfully audition for the open instrumental positions above will be considered, as well as candidates who indicate their interest but for whose instruments we are not currently holding auditions. For application instructions, please return to the main Auditions and Interviews page. To apply, proceed directly to the application form.


Director of Institutional Giving

Symphony Number One seeks dedicated grantwriters to help research, organize, write, submit, and track aproppriate grant opportunities. Note: we have completed a number of successful grants over the past two years, but we are in need of additional help to keep the momentum moving ahead, including someone to help coordinate the effort. The ideal volunteer would be interested in leading and/or participating in some combination of the following activities, and would have some relevant experience and interest:

  • Research: we have a meaningful list of relevant grant opportunities. However, we recently achieved 501(c)(3) status with the IRS, opening up our eligibility to a much wider array of possible opportunities which we need to find. We need to continue to extend our knowledge base across the wide array of grants and corporate programs for which we are now eligible.
  • Organization: through analysis and focus on our organizational mission, we want to properly understand our best opportunities for winning grants and structure our grantwriting time towards the lowest-hanging fruit. Organization means both maintaining our grants list data and inputting deadlines in the calendar alongside recurring annual projected deadlines.
  • Writing: through familiarity with our past work and future plans, the scuccessful writer will develop a compelling narrative that marries the requirements of the grant with the mission of Symphony Number One.
  • Tracking: the successful volunteer would help check on any details and keep any records required by the grantmaker to properly document completion of the grant. The volunteeer would also help to ensure that SNO properly credits and thanks all grantmakers in the appropriate methods in printed programs and online.


We need persons with advanced skill in some combination of the following (these collectively represent our main data collection points across e-commerce, advertising, ticketsales, web traffic, and social reach.

  • Eventbrite (Ticketing)
  • Facebook Insights (Social + Advertising)
  • Google AdWords (Ads)
  • Google Analytics (Web/E-commerce)
  • Google Data Studio (/other data tools)
  • Hootsuite (Additional Social Analytics)
  • Quickbooks (Accounting)
  • Salesforce (CRM/DRM)
  • General data-gathering best practices, including IRL (in real life, such as at concerts)

We have a passion for reaching people with the power of emerging music. But we have an understanding of how crucial it is to collect and analyze data for wise decisionmaking. We just need help harnessing everything that is coming at us!

While a lot of this is marketing and such, a lot of it is also to help measure impact in the underserved neighborhoods in which we're preparing to serve in the spring of 2017.

It is not necessary to be an expert at all or even most of these, but to have perhaps some specific expertise with a couple key platforms (perhaps Facebook and Google) combined with a general sense of how to create workflows that allow us to collect information that will yield actionable insights.

To help do the following:

  • After being granted account access, help us to evaluate the state of our data.
  • Help us design some basic data collection-analysis-insight-action workflows.
  • Help to train us to do some portion of the work.
  • Directly do some of the work, especially in areas beyond the possibility of quick training.
Symphony Number One is Baltimore's Newes Chamber Orchestra, devoted to substantial works by emerging composers.