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Call for Proposals


Symphony Number One is dedicated to performing substantial works by emerging composers at the highest artistic level. SNO seeks to expand its artistic reach into a variety of other directions. To that end, we have inaugurated a Call for Proposals. This is a year-round, open call for collaboration for any artistic medium, including but not limited to: 

  • academics
  • acousticians
  • activists
  • actors
  • artists
  • athletes
  • choreographers
  • composers
  • dancers
  • designers
  • educators
  • environmentalists
  • experimental artists
  • fashion designers
  • film makers
  • graphic designers
  • intermedia artists
  • non-classical musicians
  • non-western musicians
  • painters
  • performance artists
  • podcasters
  • projection artists
  • researchers
  • restaurateurs 
  • sculptors
  • small businesses
  • software engineers
  • sound designers
  • theater directors
  • therapists
  • visual artists
  • volunteer groups


Collaborative Projects

Please note that SNO is not a grant-making organization; we seek innovative projects for collaboration. If your project is selected, we will collaborate with you and your organization on every phase, from fundraising, to creation, through to execution.


All adults age 18 and older are eligible. All businesses and organizations are eligible. High School students age 13 and older may apply with the consent and cooperation of one parent and one adult artist-sponsor.


The Call for Proposals uses a rolling evaluation period, with reviews conducted approximately every 8-10 weeks. (The reviews are not publicly announced.) There is no set deadline.

Submission Process

Step 1: Application
Fill out the application form. 

Step II: Meeting
If our review leads us to further pursue the project, we will contact you to discuss additional project details via phone or an in-person meeting. If possible, have a complete estimated project budget with expenses and secured and projected income prepared.

Step III: Collaborating
If we determine the project is feasible, we will work with you to determine project roles, the portion of the project budget SNO can commit to fundraising, and other logistical and operational matters.

If you have questions, concerns, or just want to be considered for a future project, e-mail us at info@symphno1.org.




Symphony Number One is Baltimore's Newes Chamber Orchestra, devoted to substantial works by emerging composers.