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First Listen: Light Cathedral

Aerial Photography by  Fletcher . CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

Aerial Photography by Fletcher. CC Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported

FIRST LISTEN: Here's your first chance to hear Jonathan Russell's "Light Cathedral" in its entirety! Performed live at Light Street Presbyterian Church on April 9 and 10, 2016. Commissioned by Symphony Number One for Baltimore's inaugural Light City festival. Light Cathedral will be featured on our new album, More.

BONUS: the ending of Light Cathedral was used in a dance production this summer. Choreography: Charles Moulton and Janice Garrett. Performers: Carolina Czechowska, Michael Galloway, Ashleigh Adamec, Roseann Baker, Karen Breiterman-Loader, Katharine Gripp, Annie Kahane, Yoshie Fujimoto Kateada, Liza Kroeschell, Catherine Liu, Mallory Markham, Alyssa Mitchel, Rebecca Morris, Hannah Pierce, Emma Salmon, Sidney Spiegel, Hanna Rose Stangebye, Nicholas Stettenbenz, Oona Wong-Danders, Ayana Yonesaka. Enjoy!


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Symphony Number One

SYMPHONY NUMBER ONE is Baltimore's newest chamber orchestra, dedicated to performing and promoting substantial works by emerging composers. Led by Music Director Jordan Randall Smith, SYMPHONY NUMBER ONE brings together great composers of the past, virtuoso performers of the present, and the leading compositional voices of the future.

Symphony Number One is Baltimore's Newes Chamber Orchestra, devoted to substantial works by emerging composers.