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More To Come

Natalie Draper, Jonathan Russell, Andrew Posner, and Jordan Randall Smith

Natalie Draper, Jonathan Russell, Andrew Posner, and Jordan Randall Smith

More is dedicated to the City of Baltimore, our home and the city to which we are dedicated. More features the future of classical music: emerging composers writing fresh, relevant works that speak to our times. Natalie Draper's Timelapse Variations are a study in the curious perception of change and growth observed in the film effect. Jonathan Russell's Light Cathedral evokes the psychological journey of a visitor to a massive cathedral. Andrew Posner's The Promised Burning is a compelling musical exploration of the ecological dangers of our time.

Symphony Number One is devoted not only to commissioning and premiering substantial works by emerging composers, but also to recording and distributing these works for the public. In 2015, we recorded our debut album, followed by an EP, Emergence, each of which featured a stunning work for chamber orchestra by a compelling compositional voice. Now, for the first time, we are releasing a full-length album exclusively featuring emerging composers. More represents the best of Symphony Number One: three stimulating new works for chamber orchestra by a slate of three of the next generation's most promising voices, all lovingly prepared and performed in Baltimore.  

I invite you to take a look at our composer "Rep Hub" and explore all three titles in depth, then pre-order yours today!



Our third album is on the way! Starting today, you can pre-order your copy of More directly from the Symphony Number One store! Will ship before Christmas. These limited-supply pre-orders will be the first to ship, and you can optionally request to have them signed by the musicians of SNO at no extra cost!


Click on the links above to learn more about and sample each piece.

Jordan Randall Smith

Principal Conductor | Opus Concert Theatre

Music Director | Symphony Number One

Music Director | Hunt’s Church

Conductor | Hopkins Concert Orchestra

Conductor | Opus Concert Theatre

Creative Director | PriceFest

Symphony Number One is Baltimore's Newes Chamber Orchestra, devoted to substantial works by emerging composers.