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Light City Tracks

Symphony Number One Performs At Light City


Our challenge grant was completed! That's 100 donations for an extra $1000. As a thank you for your your generosity, here are three complete tracks from our recent performance at Light City. Recorded on March 31 at Emmanuel Episcopal Church.

Here's Dylan Arthur Baker's Seaside Wingding, featuring Sarah Eckman McIver on flute.

Here's Dan VanHassel's Passing In the Night, featuring Asst. Conductor Michelle Rofrano.

Here's Alexa Rinn's Light on the Night Harbor.

More tracks are coming soon. Thanks for your support! 

Symphony Number One plays during the Light City recording session

Symphony Number One

SYMPHONY NUMBER ONE is Baltimore's newest chamber orchestra, dedicated to performing and promoting substantial works by emerging composers. Led by Music Director Jordan Randall Smith, SYMPHONY NUMBER ONE brings together great composers of the past, virtuoso performers of the present, and the leading compositional voices of the future.

Symphony Number One is Baltimore's Newes Chamber Orchestra, devoted to substantial works by emerging composers.