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A Letter From Karena

Karena Ingram, Composer

Karena Ingram, Composer


What I like the most about Symphony Number One is their dedication to bringing the works of emerging composers to life. Being involved with SNO means being a part of the creative process, allowing new music to reach out and positively influence the community, all while giving such talented composers and artists great exposure.

Being a composer myself, I am excited for the performance of Mahler’s Song of the Earth, as well as hearing the new music composed by Martha C. Horst and Nicholas Bentz. By donating to our Season 2 Campaign, you’ll be helping in my creative efforts as I take on the role Director of Composition, and you’ll be helping all of us continue to share this new music and bring composer’s visions to life!

I'm so grateful for this amazing opportunity and I hope to see you all during this upcoming season.


Karena Ingram
Director of Composition

Symphony Number One is thrilled to welcome our newest members, including Composition Director Karena Ingram. Take a listen to her music on SoundCloud.

Symphony Number One is Baltimore's Newes Chamber Orchestra, devoted to substantial works by emerging composers.