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Call for Scores 3 | Finalists

15 remaining finalists

15 remaining finalists

...and then there were fifteen...  After thorough consideration, our thirty nominees have been narrowed down to just fifteen finalists! A thorough congratulations to these 15 composers (each name links to their website:

We will now go on to narrow down the remaining candidates to just 3 winners who will receive commissions for our third season. I'm looking forward to thoroughly examining the music of all 15 finalists! Also, it will be exciting to find out about our audience choice winner.

Earlier, I announced the finalists live via Facebook. Have a look:

Jordan Randall Smith

Principal Conductor | Opus Concert Theatre

Music Director | Symphony Number One

Music Director | Hunt’s Church

Conductor | Hopkins Concert Orchestra

Conductor | Opus Concert Theatre

Creative Director | PriceFest

Symphony Number One is Baltimore's Newes Chamber Orchestra, devoted to substantial works by emerging composers.