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Light City Tracks 4

Composer Joel Puckett

Composer Joel Puckett

Today, we release the last of our Light City tracks! In this first track, we highlight our featured composer, Joel Puckett. While Symphony Number One focuses heavily on emerging composers just entering into their careers, we also have a deep love for modern masters like Puckett, Boulez, and Adams. Soloist Nicholas Bentz performs a new version of Joel Puckett's "Mint Julep," the finale from his violin concerto, Southern Comforts

Bentz, who last season served as our Concertmaster and now moves into his new role as Composer-in-Residence, created this new version. It is an arrangement tailor made for Symphony Number One, under Puckett's supervision. Nick also prepared the solo violin part with Puckett's coaching.

Joel Puckett coaching Nicholas Bentz on the solo violin part

Joel Puckett coaching Nicholas Bentz on the solo violin part

Last but not least, here's our recording of Jonathan Hugendubler's Dimethyltryptamine. Enjoy!

Light City was just the beginning! More fun is on the way:

Last treat for today: here's a video of Nick playing "Mint Julep." Enjoy!

Symphony Number One

SYMPHONY NUMBER ONE is Baltimore's newest chamber orchestra, dedicated to performing and promoting substantial works by emerging composers. Led by Music Director Jordan Randall Smith, SYMPHONY NUMBER ONE brings together great composers of the past, virtuoso performers of the present, and the leading compositional voices of the future.

Symphony Number One is Baltimore's Newes Chamber Orchestra, devoted to substantial works by emerging composers.