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Light City Tracks 3

Jordan Randall Smith conducts  Symphony Number One  at  Light City

Jordan Randall Smith conducts Symphony Number One at Light City


Light City was an innovative way to bring arts, technology and people together, and we had a blast sharing such spunky, imaginative, beautiful music to the public. 

We here at Symphony Number One are thrilled to bring a fresh variety of musical flavors to your plate, and we're buzzing with excitement as we get closer to the opening of Season 2!  Until then, we hope these new tracks from Light City will satisfy your appetite.

We enjoyed putting our spin on this classic song by the popular English rock band, Radiohead. Thanks to Sean Calhoun for this amazing arrangement! Here's Radiohead's Pyramid Song.

Spirited, dance-like, and full of joy, here's a selection from George Frederick Händel's Water Music.

Did you know this piece was inspired by a portion of Händel's Water Music? Here's Paul Richards's Harbor Music.

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Symphony Number One

SYMPHONY NUMBER ONE is Baltimore's newest chamber orchestra, dedicated to performing and promoting substantial works by emerging composers. Led by Music Director Jordan Randall Smith, SYMPHONY NUMBER ONE brings together great composers of the past, virtuoso performers of the present, and the leading compositional voices of the future.

Symphony Number One is Baltimore's Newes Chamber Orchestra, devoted to substantial works by emerging composers.