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The latest album from Symphony Number One.


RELEASE DATE: December 16, 2016


Symphony Number One is devoted not only to commissioning and premiering substantial works by emerging composers, but also to recording and distributing these works for the public. In 2015, we recorded our debut album, followed by an EP, Emergenceeach of which featured a stunning work for chamber orchestra by a compelling compositional voice

Now, for the first time, we are releasing a full-length album exclusively featuring emerging composers. More represents the best of Symphony Number One: three stimulating new works for chamber orchestra by a slate of three of the next generation's most promising voices, all lovingly prepared and performed in Baltimore.  

Jordan Randall Smith, Music Director


Press Release: SNO Enters Fray with New Album, More

...a sophisticated third album...
Second Inversion 12/13/16

Featured Works


Natalie Draper

Natalie Draper

Natalie Draper, Timelapse Variations

Timelapse Variations, for chamber orchestra, was written for Jordan Randall Smith and Symphony Number One. The time-lapse technique in film allows for a curious perception of change and growth. Visuals are sped up, but the overall effect is a glacial reflection on transition. Timelapse Variations is inspired by this technique and is therefore a meditation on the passage of time. The piece offers a sweeping soundscape, with several sections, all incorporating a variety of processes of gradual change. —Natalie Draper

Jonathan Russell

Jonathan Russell

Jonathan Russell,  Light Cathedral

The guiding image of Light Cathedral is of a massive structure, heavy and earthbound – yet instead of stones or bricks, the building blocks are shafts of weightless, colorful light. The work evokes the psychological journey of a visitor to this cathedral: initially viewing its structure from the outside, we move inward and zoom in on the details; we visit the crypt deep in the depths; we become ecstatically swept up in the vertiginous central dome; and finally we reflect on the emotional experience of the journey. —Jonathan Russell

Andrew Posner

Andrew Posner

Andrew Posner, The Promised Burning

Inspired by the Sabbath poems of writer and activist Wendell Berry, The Promised Burning is a musical representation of man-made environmental destruction and the profound grief that future generations will feel en masse when the effects of this destruction are painfully obvious. It is a call to awaken from the delusions that we are separate from the Earth and that its resources and ecosystems are expendable tools in our fruitless attempts to satisfy our greed. —Andrew Posner


Full Tracks

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Album Artwork

This version is formatted for landscape and social thumbnail use.  Download:  This Version  |  Square Version  |  Disk Insert PDF

This version is formatted for landscape and social thumbnail use.

Download: This VersionSquare Version | Disk Insert PDF


Title:   More

Artist: Symphony Number One

Conductor: Jordan Randall Smith

Label: SNOtone©

Disk: ST03

UPC: 888295532839


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Taylor Hillary Boykins, Director of Communications

Email: taylor@symphno1.org

Phone: (443) 840-7449

Twitter: @symphno1

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Nicholas Bentz
Nikita Borisevich
Christopher Ciampoli
Hanbing Jia

Karin Kilper
Emily Sheil

Jessica Korotkin
Joe Isom
Mike Newman

Jessica Powell Eig
Michael Rittling

Sarah Eckman McIver
Willie Santiago


Garrett Hale
Emily Madsen

James Duncan
Melissa Lander

Kika Wright

Kelso Jones
Selena Maytum

Peyden Shelton

Sarah Manley

Elizabeth Hill


Adrienne Knauer

Brendan Betyn
Alan Buxbaum
Andy Emerich
Wanlu Ma
Nick Mullen

Audio Production
Charles Street Sound

Chelsea Clough
Hank Mitchell

Emmanuel Episcopal Church    
Light Street Presbyterian Church
St. Ignatius Church



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Symphony Number One is Baltimore's Newes Chamber Orchestra, devoted to substantial works by emerging composers.